Stockist Questionaire
Only fill this form out if you are a looking to distribute issues of Caffeine magazine
The cafe's name *

We are looking for speciality coffee shops only, If we currently have a stockist in your town or in close proximity, it's unlikely we will be looking for further stockists in the area.
Cafe address *

Years of trading? *

We'll not be able to supply magazines to acafe that is less than 1 year old.
Your cafe's website

or facebook, twitter or instagram page
Your house espresso blend *

Please state your roaster and blend used. We need to be sure that the cafe is operating in a way that can be deemed as speciality coffee. This means sourcing the best quality beans from artisan roasters.
Do you offer filter coffee? *

The water filtration or RO system installed *

Much of the UK has water that's not ideal for brewing coffee. Please state the water system you have to combat your local water issues.
Who provides your coffee training *

We recommend head baristas or trainers hold SCAE accredited qualifications.
Contact name and position *

In sending copies of Caffeine to you we are endorsing your operation. If we believe your café is operating at the speciality end of coffee we will be in touch to set this up soon. 
Please also be aware that while we do not charge for Caffeine we need to pass on the courier charge of  £10.25+ VAT per issue. *

Resale of Caffeine magazine is prohibited unless prior permission is given. Anyone caught selling copies of Caffeine will have all further issues stopped and any advance courier payments will not be refunded.
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